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Caring for hydrangeas in Summer

Caring for hydrangeas in Summer

Caring for hydrangeas in Summer

To keep your hydrangea floral arrangements looking fresh and vibrant throughout the summer, it's essential to provide them with proper care. Here are some summer-specific tips to ensure your hydrangeas shine:

Hydration: Hydrangeas are thirsty flowers, especially during the hot summer months. Check the water level in the vase or floral foam regularly and replenish it as needed to keep the stems hydrated. The summer heat can cause hydrangeas to dry out quickly, so ensure they have an ample water supply.

Cool Location: Place your hydrangea arrangements in a cool spot away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Avoid areas exposed to intense summer heat, as it can cause the flowers to wilt prematurely. Opt for a location with good airflow to keep them fresh and prevent overheating.

Water Quality: Use clean, fresh water to hydrate your hydrangea arrangements. Change the water every two to three days, especially in warm weather, to prevent bacterial growth and maintain optimal hydration. Clean water helps keep the flowers healthy and vibrant.

Mist or Humidity: Hydrangeas appreciate higher humidity levels, which can be beneficial during the dry summer months. Mist the flowers and foliage lightly with water throughout the day or place a tray of water nearby to increase the humidity around the arrangement. This extra moisture helps hydrangeas thrive in the summer heat.

Timing: When purchasing or cutting hydrangeas for arrangements, consider doing so early in the morning or late in the evening when temperatures are cooler. This helps minimize stress on the flowers and allows them to retain more moisture.

Avoid Crowding: Give each hydrangea bloom enough space within the arrangement. Overcrowding can restrict airflow and cause petals to wilt more quickly. Provide ample room for the flowers to bloom fully and showcase their beauty.

Gentle Handling: Handle hydrangeas with care, as their delicate blooms can bruise easily. When arranging or moving the hydrangea arrangement, be gentle to avoid damaging the flowers. Treat them with the same delicate touch you would give to summer blossoms.

By following these summer-specific care tips, you can ensure your hydrangea floral arrangements thrive in the heat and stay fresh throughout the season. Providing adequate hydration, a cool environment, and attention to detail will allow these stunning blooms to shine during the sunny days of summer.

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